Saturday, August 18, 2012

18.08.2012 - Minolta

 Hey guys!
Officially moving in a little less than 3 days. Mental or what?
I finally started packing today, my room's such a horrid mess that I'm actually sitting on Magnus' bed as I type. My bed is covered in a thousand different piles and I tossed 3 garbage bags already.
I'm pretty busy tomorrow, but maybe it's a good thing I'll have heaps to do on Monday? Stop me from panicking anyway!

Last night my photoshoot fell through and my father was lovely enough to agree to model for me for the one photo I really wanted to get for my newest series before I left. 

And yesterday I picked up all 7 rolls of film I'd dropped off to get developed, half of it was for Jake & Shane and half were personal photos. I also got my first roll developed from my medium format Fujifilm GA 645zi, which was only half a roll because it got all confused since it got opened a few times etc.

Here are the Kids & Kings ones. These were taken over both our shoots.

 Are those light leaks glorious?
I love them.

And these last two are from Indian Falls.

You can go here to see a few photos of them, digital and film. 


And here are my favourite photos from this summer.

magnus and chris after we finished shooting chris' music video.

And finally here's the one photo I really like from my medium format roll.
It's of my mother and I think she's such a lovely person.


Probably the next time I post will be from my new house in Japan, so have a pleasant few days!

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