Monday, August 27, 2012

27.08.2012 - second video

still no ideas on what your name as a whole ought to be.
seriously considering Sad Sacks, purely because I think it's a pretty phrase, even if it's a bit morose.

today was a bit of a frustrating day because I had a very specific and lovely plan and life got in the way, you can read all about it below. With no photos, you'll have the read the last paragraph to find out the seriously not at all exciting reason why.


Woke up ay 5.30
Went to the 7 AM beginners class, which went far better than yesterday.
Since they do thing so differently here, I'm basically a beginner except I can fall.
It also just wasn't as intense a speed, so at the end of class I was sweaty and exhausted not dizzy and nauseous, so yeah. Much better in my opinion.

took a nice leisurely walk home, stopped to pick up some apple juice and some pasta from my favourite korean grocery.

after breakfast I Skyped with my family for a bit, though the connection kept cutting in and out which blows.
they're really sweet and Skype with me daily because it makes me feel better.
Can I gush more about how great they all are, or would it be a tad overboard?

I also made my second video, in which I basically say I may never make another. They're just more fun to make if Magnus is there. And I think because I blog daily that it's less interesting to then talk about it somehow.
Here it is in case you'd like to see it, I do give a [very] brief room tour, should you be interested in that.

Now I guess I'm going to go make myself some lunch, maybe some black beans to go with my tortillas I got at the International Store on Saturday.
Still hate eating alone, so depressing.

My uncle did send me a link about a vegan meet up group here, the next event is during the day so I'll be working but most of the past ones seem to be in the evening which I can get to. It'd be nice to know where to go for dairy free/vegan food here. And speak to other people.

This afternoon Paul's going to come over and take me to get my bike, which is going to make a massive different to me getting around. Much more pleasant and much less time consuming.


Oh jesus, this afternoon.
Went to the storage place to look at the bike, it was clearly too big.
But then Paul realized someone had broken the window right by the lock and had been in there, though nothing seemed to have been taken.
So I walked home because he said it often takes a while for police to arrive to stuff like this
That was around maybe 2?

Stopped at a grocery store on a way back in picked myself up some readymade noodle type stuff for lunch (didn't go with my original mexican idea) because I am finally hungry again (not really, but I don't have to force myself to eat now. Slowly getting there, oh poor body).
Waited around and passed the time by reading Anna Karenina which I started like 3 months ago, got halfway through and then just put down. But I'm proper into it again now!

Paul finally said he was done at almost 5. Apparently they've been having a bit of trouble with break ins in that neighbourhood, so they dusted for finger prints and everything.

Took the train over to where the bike store was, only to find they didn't have any cheap used bikes. Which they apparently (I feel like I'm over using that word in this post, sorry about that!) always have.
C'est la vie.

Decided I really wanted to walk (since today's plan had just been to go walk around a park) so I walked the 4ish kms home. Made me feel a bit better.

Tomorrow after class I'll be meeting with Paul + his family and Keiko, the lady who I'll be helping with her English by just talking to her. Apparently (!) she has a low knowledge level of English, so it'll be pretty basic stuff.

I spend about 5 hours walking around the city today and didn't have my camera for any of it since I kept going places I didn't want to have it. aka the dojo and then a bike ride, which obviously didn't happen. And it would have been perfect to have it then, the sun was going down and the lights were all turning on… really lovely.

Enjoy these two photobooth photos I took while waiting for Paul this afternoon. Like so it's not completely photoless today. I think having me post a photoless blog post would make the world explode or something.


have a pleasant day!

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