Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing.
I slept in (well, like 8. But that's late for this jet lag)
I skyped with my family, watched doctor who, and braved the nearest grocery store.
That's basically it.

Around 4 Paul came over and we walked to Okubo station (the nearest train station) and caught the train to Shinjuku so I could figure out how to walk to both those places.
Also walked up  towards Humbo, he showed me some good little korean grocery stores since one basically walked along the end of Koreatown to get there.

After that I figured out some stuff with my phone, which was confusing since it's half in japanese.

Good day right? I'm officially calling it the last day like that.

Anyway, I set my alarm for 5 this morning in the hopes I would muster up the courage to go to the dojo; it's horribly intimidating because I don't speak japanese and you know they have tons of rules and stuff that I don't know.
Actually went! It's a miracle.
I felt rather pleased with how well I knew how to get there, I only looked at my map one and really, I knew the answer.
But I totally did two 'rude' things, someone should have told me this stuff!
But the aikido was good, I mean I was dying. It was so hot and I am so pathetic when it comes to the heat. I was good for about the first half hour, but then I got all dizzy and sick and gross.
And so, that's how I became that westerner 'taking a moment'. Boom. New low.
I practiced with a nice enough guy (you only practice with one person for the whole hour) but I felt a bit bad for being such a sissy. But jesus christ it is hot here.
Hot and humid and awful. Ugh.

I really need to eat some food though, I haven't been feeling that well since I got here (I can't remember if I wrote that here or in a message to my mother), I think just from the travel and the time and whatnot. Just haven't been especially hungry.
I'm going to go eat something before I leave.

Speaking of leaving, in an hour and a bit I have to go and actually catch the train by myself for the first time. I'm meeting Paul and then we're going to this open house thing at the Tokyo American Club. So they can meet the teachers of various activities.

Not going to lie here, I'm more than a little nervous about the train, but I was nervous about walking to Hombu too; I'm sure I'll be fine.

Going to take my camera on my little trip, I didn't take a single photo yesterday. It's weird being a tourist but also living here? I dunno, hard to explain.


Success on all fronts
got to where I needed to be, went to the open house. It was fine.

best feature

Stopped by the international store on the way back, got some stuff.

little dogs in a carriage.

We also went through the last summer festival so we stopped and got some dumplings, since the part we were at was outside a chinese restaurant.

tokyo tower

sunset at sendaya station.

came home, ate some stuff, and skyped with Liam for a bit which is always nice.

Tomorrow I might be doing some aikido with Paul, or I might have the day all to myself, we'll see.

That's all I have for you at the moment because I am dead tired. I actually fell asleep for a moment talking to Liam, and then bout 4 times typing this paragraph.

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