Sunday, August 5, 2012

05.08.2012 - Kids & Kings photoshoots

A few weeks ago I was hired by some friends to shoot their band. I've never actually shot people for anything other than my own use, so I jumped at the chance to practice a bit. I mean, I took it seriously obviously, but there was less pressure than there would be if they were a) paying me a lot, b) strangers, or c) it was for a big magazine/other publication.

Anyway, we had two shoots. The first was at Hirtle's Beach & Gaff Point. That's a beach and a sort of peninsula you can hike on.

here are a few of my favourite shots from then.

Second shoot took place partly at Indian falls & partially at my house. Indian Falls is a woodland hike along a river + a waterfall/swimming area. And my house has a creek and adorable pets.

Have a lovely evening, and a pleasant tomorrow!

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