Saturday, April 21, 2012


Oh, as always I've not posted in ages. But, to be fair, my life hasn't been terribly thrilling recently. Hopefully this summer will have a bit more happening and come August I will, obviously, be posting all about my new life. Everything that happens will seem amazing, since I have have never lived on my own before, have never lived in a major city, and have only a minimal grasp of the, very, foreign language.

On Wednesday I'm taking an aikido test, for the rank of 2nd kyu. (in aikido you start at 6th kyu and work your way up to 1st, you then get your 1st degree black belt.)
I'm pretty nervous, but I know I'm ready for it.

And on Thursday evening I'm leaving for London, England for 10 days. 3 days of aikido and then a week's vacation since I don't get to spend much time in one of my favourite cities. I don't think I'll be taking a laptop with me, but I will be journaling and taking heaps of photos so there will be a detailing post when I come back, I promise! Even though I have technically lived there and have definitely been there many times, I've never have a proper chance to do touristy things. Plus a member of my dojo will be there as well and he's never been, so I want to show him around since it's a wonderful place to be.
So I'm planning on going to the Tower, on the London Eye, to the Natural History Museum & Tate Modern, walks in the park, and Portobello & Camden Markets.

Two of my friends from Bermuda are in school just outside the city, so hopefully I'll be able to see them. Along with a friend I met when I was in Brisbane who lives in Liverpool but says she'll come see me! I haven't seen her in a little over a year, so it'd be delightful so see her.
Plus I have various friends and family around; I'm going to be crazy busy.

I hope you're all doing swimmingly, and to end this here's a smattering of photos from my Instagram (feel free to follow me @signeconstable) since I manage to document everything with it!

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