Tuesday, June 1, 2010

zara! and my life since she left.

I know, I know, this post is long overdue since she left almost two weeks ago now. And I didn't post anything at all in the month of May! Ridiculous really, but anyway, this is going to be extra long to make up for my lack of posting before.

we walked in our woods & hung out...
with Magnus
and Mouse.

we went to the playground

and Zara showed off her gymnastic skills on the bar

and on the ground.

we went to Murder Point

where I carried Zara around

and I posed
as did Magnus.

we chilled with Rupert. (Who, two days after she left went missing, and unfortunately we think he might have been taken by a fox. RIP Rupert <3)>

We went to Mahone Bay

Zara walked through my boring photo, and made it a bit better.

We went to the Chester Skate park,

where Magnus impressed us

with his skills.

We had the Aikido seminar, from which the only photos I have are from the part at our house. And even those only include the flaming arrows/firelit portraits.



like I said, we shot flaming arrows. Or really, Rob, Magnus & Dave shot them while Zara, Jesse & I watched.



Magnus, Zara & Mum sitting by the fire.
Then we went to Hirtle's Beach!
starting it off with Me & Zara

moving on to the water,
Zara & Magnus dancing and

the sand.

later, we trampolined!

and then, suddenly, it was Zara's last night.
Mouse wanted to make sure he was in another photo with her.

we listening to Ingrid Michaelson and

took our last photo together :'(

Now, sadly, I won't see her until September. But I'm glad I know I get to see her then!


So, since she left!
I took snazzy garden photos using my 50mm of tomatoes

and chives

and onions, I think.

I hung out with Jesse and took his portrait for a portrait project I'm doing.
This is the one that's actually going to be in the book.

I took mirror self portraits, as I'm wont to do.

I took some photos of the lilac bush at my grandmother's house for her.

Magnus took this delightful photo of me talking on the phone.Magnus.

and a few self portraits. I'm experimenting with intentional over exposure right now.

and Magnus found a baby salamander!

isn't he cute?

and, just for her, here's a screenshot of Skye watching one of watching one of Nick Pitera's videos.

This video, in fact.

And I took all 3 of these photos a few days before Zara arrived, but I never posted them. So here you are!

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