Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One of the things I wanted to get slightly better at which this blog is get slightly better at writing. Or, writing readable things.
As none of you know, I've been keeping a journal since the 30th of May and I love it. I can write down words to look up and photos ideas and remember what on earth I did on the 3rd of June 2010.
But, believe me, it's not always pretty to read. The spelling & grammar isn't spot on and I often repeat myself or have to go back and add things I forgot.
I have pages that have the whole Nautical alphabet written out, the meaning of the word 'mnemonic', a random Langston Hughes poem and what I ate for lunch that day on it.

I sort of hoped that starting this would make me write properly more, but of course, it became more of a photo blog right away.

At some point I plan on copying out some of my journal onto here.
The more coherent pages anyway.

Now, after that anti-photo blog moment; here are some photos from aikido. Magnus took all the ones in the dojo & I took the ones in the park.

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