Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 47 & 48

Monday March 7th

Slept so well. I feel fantastic!

Just enjoying my morning cup of tea at the moment then I think I'll go walk around a bit.
I need to call the Cooper's today then I might go out to Vulture Street and go back to that op-shop I bought that amazing dress from way back in January.
I also need to get in touch with Kiz.


I went for a walk, got some sushi for lunch.
Stopped and bought some shampoo and conditioner since I haven't had any since I got to Australia and my hair was freaking.
Came back, showered and read my book for a while.

Called Len, I'm going up to Toowoomba on Wednesday! So stoked.

Lucy, Kim, Steph and I made dinner together. Just a simple pasta, but it was nice to eat with people again.

Tuesday March 8th.

Didn't wake up until like 10.30, I guess I needed the sleep.

I just relaxed for a while. Read for a while longer.
I didn't say this yesterday but I'm reading Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson.
A girl in my room is lending it to me, which is awesome of her. It's so good!

Around 1 I called Kiz and she said she was at the GOMA. Which is the Gallery of Modern Art and is somewhere I've been meaning to go since I got to Au. And it's only about 4 blocks from my hostel, over the river. So I walked over and met her & her friend Jake and we checked it out for a while. There was this infinity room where it's dark and mirrors and there's these sort of hanging glowing orbs of light. It's trippy and amazing.

second best room ever, after the balloon one.

We walked around and saw tons of other cool stuff.

close up of the elephant.

And we went into a glass room that's filled with balloons.

kiz loves balloons!

it was the best room ever.

There was also a Wish Wall, where there were about a million ribbons with wishes written on them. Everything from 'I wish I was a mermaid' to 'I wish my family loved me more' and you could take them, but for every one you took you were supposed to write your own wish on a piece of paper and put it in the hole the ribbon came out of. I took a bunch, including the mermaid one.

Wandered into the city and got some sushi, one of mine had goddamn mayonnaise in it. What is with Australian sushi and mayo? SUSHI NEVER NEEDS IT.
Also bought a battery for my alarm clock.

We caught the bus down to West End and went to some cafe and met some people Kiz knows. Angus for one, then a few other guys were were crazy as shit. Hung out there for a while drinking coffee and talking and playing guitars.

angus, gabriel and ben.

adorable dog who's name I never knew.

After a while I decided I'd had enough so I grabbed a bus back into the city.

Went to Coles to get some snack stuff for my 5 hours on the bus tomorrow, to and from Toowoomba.

Ate delicious pancakes that Kim & Steph made for dinner, I was the official taste tester. I can say that they both make a fantastic pancake.

kim's pancakes.

I cannot believe I'm leaving to go home on Thursday. I'm seeing Da on Thursday.
My father. And me. In the same place. It's madness!
And to this that in less than a week I will be with Mum & Magnus too, at home, sleeping in my own bed, eating dinner with them, walking the dogs with them...
I cannot believe it's been 6 weeks.
I basically just cannot believe.
I'm stoked though, honestly.
I miss them.

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