Monday, April 19, 2010

the blog post comes to you in 2 parts.

Part 1 - I now hate Good Morning America. As probably none of you have seen, yesterday morning a family of radical unschooler, the Bieglers, were interviewed in their home about it. The sad part was that the whole thing was edited and made to look like Kimi & Shaun (the children who are 15 & 13 respectively) are completely unprepared for life, do nothing but play WoW all day and will fail. It made Christina & Phil (the parents) look like terrible people for ruining their children's lives by allowing them to follow their passions. According to it "letting children follow their passions make them think they're the centre of the universe which is bad." I'm sorry, but this whole thing is fucking ridiculous.

Now, I'm a radical unschooler and I am not a failure. I will not work at McDonald's for the rest of my life, I am a passionate, literate, not-the-centre of the universe person.
The other reason I hate this is that I know Kimi, Shaun, Christine & Phil. I met Kimi in September of last year and the rest of her family this March. They are a wonderful, caring, interesting, pretty typical unschooling family. I don't think either of them are the useless failures Good Morning America made them out to be.

You can watch the "interview" here:

now, Part 2, a happier part.
On Saturday a bunch of people from Class Afloat ( came to our farm to help in the garden & help put up the solar panels on their poles. Of course, I made them lunch and documented the whole thing.

cutting onions for the pasta salad

olives! I adore olives, especially black ones although the green ones are OK in a pinch.

the finished product, just before eating I put some feta on it too. But failed to get a photo of that.

Charlie & Gavin playing with the fire.

Sarah & Loki

putting up the panels

that's all for now!

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